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Tailored Fitness Solutions

Lifestyle and Nutrition Support

Outdoor & Cardio Program Design

Online Fitness & Health Coaching

Customized Exercise Programs Designed for Your Goals

Your health is more important than ever...

For many, personal trainers and health coaches have been viewed as a luxury.  Our clients know that optimal health is the key to being able to survive and thrive through challenging circumstances. Our job is to give you the necessary tools for robust health, and an abundance of energy so that can crush it at work and show up the way you want to for your family and friends.

Safe & Efficient

"I joined Fit Lab about six months ago after multiple unsuccessful attempts at working out without the help of a trainer. At Fit Lab the trainers have the expertise to help you accomplish all of your goals guiding you both inside and outside of the gym. They help you use proper form which prevents injuries that would keep you from working out while also pushing to meet you goals as quickly as possible. The environment is super friendly and inclusive. It is clear from my time working out here that the trainers have your best interest at heart and care deeply about your success."

Jon S

Decades of experience working with ALL populations.

"I came in with limitations due to prior injuries and have been very impressed with how the training plans have been tailored to my specific needs."

- Adrian

Workouts that are fun and effective

"The workouts themselves are challenging and intense, but also fun and varied at the same time.

I have nothing but praise for this gym and the people that run it. If you, like me, were unmotivated by your Planet Fitness subscription and want personalized, guided workouts at a very reasonable price - give this team a try!"

- Dr. Jaffe

During COVID, I was bummed not to get into the gym, but TFL offered us so many options which included some live-stream classes (which I tend to watch and do on my own later on, due to my hectic work schedule), and also some one-on-one workouts designed by the trainers at TFL. I think what TFL offers caters so perfectly to the hard-working 9-5er or any crazy schedule you may have. I feel like I haven't lost speed in my training during COVID, thanks to Ian and TFL. If you are looking for a small business to support and some really great workouts catered to your specific goal, or just a class to add to your regime, this is for you! 


I started at the Fit Lab ~2 1/2 months ago, right around the time of the COVID 19 shutdown. Although the gym had too close for the time being due to quarantine, Greg, the owner, and all the trainers did not let that stop them from continuing to assist the progress of their members. They worked hard to figure out a great solution for this time with the use of virtual classes held twice a day three times a week, virtual one on one personal training calls, and personalized weekly workouts which contain demo videos to ensure you are conducting the exercise correctly on your own.

Jason has personally helped me in every aspect. He tailored all of my workouts perfectly for me given I am new to this. I feel like even though the personal training has not been in person, that true progress has been made for myself with the detailed help and guidance from Jason. I continue to get stronger and learn more each day.

Jessica T.

Your FIT Lab Coach serves as your personal fitness and health concierge.

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