One-on-One Virtual Training - 8 Sessions

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8 Training Sessions - all sessions last approximately 1 hour

Simply put, this is personal training... at the comfort of your own home. 

Your coach will send you your training program - we use True Coach software - the night before your scheduled training sessions so that you can ask questions ahead of time, and get your home training space organized ahead of time. 

These training sessions will be tailored to your ability, your space and your current fitness level.  The programs and coaching are always designed to keep you moving towards your goals.  

Your training sessions are always programmed a week ahead of time and your coach will do periodic check-ins to help create accountability in a supportive environment. 

All one-on-one virtual training packs come with a free phone consultation ahead of your first training session.  This call helps us get to know you and make sure that you're set up with the trainer that best fits what you're looking for.