Organizational Zoom Class - 1 Session ( 1 Hour )

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Working from home has become a necessity during the COVID19 and is projected to be a "thing" moving forward.  

Truth be told, we love the community-building aspect of in-person training.  

Since that's not in the cards right now, and companies' have limited options for team building activities, we're offering private classes for organizations. 

We've had a lot of fun doing these virtual classes during the lockdown with groups of 25+ people.  People find joy and inspiration pushing themselves with their colleagues during our challenging workouts. 

Each class will last about one hour, and in most cases there will be one trainer demonstrating while another trainer coaches your group.   

No exercise equipment needed. 

There is no long term commitment, so you can purchase on session at a time. 
If you're interested in saving a few bucks on package, please email me at :