Exercise Program Design & Health Coaching - 1 Month

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Since 2013 the FIT Lab has been dedicated to helping people feel their best so that they can get the most out of life.  Up until recently, getting the "most out of life" meant being able to crush it at work, and still have the energy to do the things that you enjoy most; from playing in the yard with your kids to hiking Machu Picchu. 

Things certainly changed, and as a society we are left figuring out how to survive and thrive during an unprecedented time in our generation's history.  The stakes have never been higher in regards to fostering your health and a strong immune system. 

At The FIT Lab, we've always placed a premium on teaching people how to sustainably train and eat based on their goals. We know that everyone has unique needs that require customized protocols and personal attention.  

With your individual needs in mind, this is the digital/virtual training and health coaching package that we are offering.
  • Tailored program design based on what equipment you have or don't have, and space you have to work with.  We have a library of over 200 exercises that we are using in the program design software-True Coach.  Your coach will program two full body workouts each week.
  • Accountability buddy.  We are checking in with people on the days of their workouts to help keep them honest.  We understand how chaotic folks' lives are right now, and we know that most people can use some help staying on track with their workouts.
  • Initial coaching call. This can be on whatever topic you want. We can use Zoom to check in on exercise technique, chat about nutrition, or just make sure that you aware of tools that are available to you that will help with stress and anxiety.

This package will last a month and includes: 
1  Consultation call.
8 Fully customized exercise programs.
4 Check-ins to help you stay on track and make sure you're clear on the protocols. 
1 Nutrition and lifestyle guide for promoting health and managing stress.